It’s ladies night!!

Or day depending on how you roll! (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right!?)

Who doesn’t love a reason to get together with their girlfriends? So, why not do it for a couple of hours while having some fun learning about makeup?

Where are these classes?

Well, I come to you.

First thing needed is a host! I will come to your house and all you need to supply me with is an area with a table and chairs that I can set up 4 to 6 stations. I will bring mirrors with lights, some supplies for each station and will set everything up (please allow half an hour for set up). As the host, the rest is up to you! Whether you want to supply snacks (make your friends bring the wine!) or have people over just for the class, I will leave that up to you! Get in touch with me to discuss dates and times to see what we can arrange.

So how does this work?

Don’t be scared! I got you!

Each makeup class will require a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 6 people. These small classes will allow me to show techniques to the group but also walk around and personalize the experience for each person based on their specific needs. Each class will include discussing skin care and prep, basic makeup application for a day look, and then amping it up for a night look. Plan for about 2 hours for the actual class.

Ahead of time, I will supply a small list of required tools as well as a list of some recommendations (I will even include pictures to make it easier!) Each person will bring all of their own makeup to the class. This will allow me to show you how to use what you already have. If you are missing a key tool or product at the actual class have no fear, I will have my kit there and don’t mind sharing! Don't worry if you are someone (or you invite someone) who does not own a lot of makeup - I can work with whatever you have, and give you inspiration for future products to buy. I do not sell any makeup or skin care products myself.

During the class I will provide a guide sheet that you can take notes on as we go along, if you like. Bring your phone to take pictures - a before and after of your look, as well as some of the products that I use and recommend. If you really like them, you can add them to your routine! This class will be very informal, and I will adapt to whatever the group prefers. I am all about having a good time and making everyone look and feel their best, so no pressure!

Finer details

Classes will be $50/person. Require a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 6. Host to pay $50 to hold date and time, non refundable. If hosting within Wheatland County area, no travel charge, outside if this area please contact to discuss further. Payments can be made by cash or e-transfer.